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The wolf pack searches for a new home. Only it is a home to foxes.
Father Willie sniffed around. The mountains provided fresh air and a place to call home. He searched for a den. Not just any kind of den. One that would hold the entire wolf pack. Mother Bailey was pregnant again and five young adults followed them closely. Food was abundant so they didn't worry about any shortage. Just a place to call home for the season.

"Are we there yet?" Astro asked panting and looking around for water to drink.

"Not yet. We are on the right mountain so it isn't too far off. There's a creek not too far from here. Is anyone thirsty?" Willie replied.

"I am," Sylvia, Alex, and Zontra responded immediately.

"Well then let's go to the creek together. Remember we need to reach the den before your mother gives birth. It'll be a special time. Plenty of deer here to go around," Willie estimated.

"Thank goodness the creek is nearby. I'm famished. I'm getting hungry as well," Astro said.

"Rabbits always make easy meals if you know what you are looking for," Tiffany countered.

Seven wolves walked together in the sunlit meadow toward the creek. Flowers bloomed everywhere. The trees grew close together nearby, surrounding the meadow and hiding the creek. The birds sang their songs high above but the wolves ignored them. All they could think about was their new home. Soon to be reached. Soon they reached the edge of the trees and made their way to the creek. The water was crystal clear and free of fish. The trees provided some relief from the heat. Then they moved forward.

Back at the meadow they moved higher to where the trees didn't grow. Then Willie stopped. The rest followed. Up ahead was a large den, large enough for them all. Only it was already occupied by a family of foxes. Then Bailey cried out and Willie knew what he had to do. Ask the foxes to make room for his wife. The foxes couldn't be trusted but what other choice did he have? Their kits were too small to kick out of the den. The den was big enough for them all.

Prompt: Any story with a plot twist.
Word Count: 350
Contest: "Twisted Tales Contest
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