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No longer will you beat me, malign me or mistreat me.
Jemmy, I will kill you, I swear it on my soul.
No longer will you beat me
Malign me or mistreat me
Your death will now become my only goal.

Jemmy, I will stab you. Just let me find a knife!
I know you have them hidden.
I'll do as I am bidden
And hide my hate until I take your life.

Jemmy, I will shoot you, the day I find a gun.
You think that I am broken,
My courage just a token
But I loathe you every day, from sun to sun.

Jemmy, I would hang you! I'd gladly tie the noose.
But you were always strongest
And if we had a contest
I know that I'm the one to surely lose.

Jemmy, what of poison? Delightful little pill
Dissolved into your liquor.
Nothing could be quicker
A far too quick and easy way to kill.

Jemmy--suffocation! I will steal your breath.
A pillow while you're sleeping
Puts end to all my weeping!
No, you're too strong for that to be your death.

Jemmy, I have killed you. You torment me no more.
A pencil through your eyeball
To write your final downfall
Has freed my soul and let my spirit soar.

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