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“So let me get this straight. You put the dog in the dryer. Just to see if it liked the ride.”

Michelle looked up at me, those eyes so innocent, as she started her story.

“Well mommy, I know what happened. Billy and I were playing outside and Buster got wet and muddy so we used the hose to clean him off and then he started shaking all the water all over so we thought since you use the dryer to dry things off maybe we could put Buster in there to dry him off too and he might like the ride while he was drying off.” She took a breath. “Kinda like the whirly-round at the playground.” Michelle smiled at me. Then she petted Buster, still damp, still shaking from the dryer ride.

“Well, Michelle, first of all, dogs never belong in the dryer. Never again, do you understand?”

A tearful face shook her answer, “Yes, mommy.”

“Second of all, you never use the dryer without me watching. Do you understand?”

More tears. “Yes, mommy.”

“Okay. You are older than Billy and need to be a good example. I think your first punishment will be to wash and dry Buster outside. You’ll use the hose and soap and dry him with towels. Never put him in the dryer. The dryer is for clothes and towels and things like that. Not people or pets.”

Michelle sniffled a bit, “Okay, mommy.”

“Then after you are done, you’ll stay in the house for a week. No playing with friends, no TV or videos. You’ll be in your room. Do you understand?”

“But what about Billy?”

“Let me take care of Billy. Go, wash the dog.”

Michelle slowly shuffled outside. Buster reluctantly followed, steering clear of that dryer on the way out.

W/C 299
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