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'Celebrating the Take-Over of the Earth"

A short story based on my unpublished novel, '"Giant Nazi Spiders"

         21 years ago on September 7, 2…The Khan the master race of the Galactic Empire arrived and took over the planet Earth add it to the Empire as the 10th solar system of the Empire. Jake Lee and Will Smith were now in their late 80s and were still leading the “triad movement” resistance against the spiders and their supporters. But they knew that the end game was coming soon.

         Jake called his supporters in the triad movement together and announced their plans on how to “celebrate’ the 21st anniversary during the absorption day ceremony.

         “Guys, it is now or never. The Khan are winning, we are losing the battle. But we are not done yet. We may lose the battle but God willing, we will win the war, we keep the faith, keep hope alive and remember when humanity was free.”

          He went around the room. There were twenty-five mostly old people in the room and a scattering of younger people. Perhaps ten percent of the population supported the triad‘s continued resistance.

         Jake Lee and Will Smith, childhood friends who had been hiking the Pacific Crest trail when the Spiders invaded had somehow, despite great odds formed an effective resistance/criminal gang called the Triads. The spiders were not able even after 21 years to completely wipe them out.

         Bob Garcia, their tech guru and the youngest member of the triad, was five years old when the Spiders came. He came to the triad a few years ago and has become aware of the resistance movement at one of their underground pubs that the spiders tolerated. He had to prove that he was not a spider spy – unfortunately, over the years the Spiders had gotten ever more sophisticated in their monitoring of the population.

         Bob spoke up,

         “Well boss, it seems that there is still one more thing we can do. We could stage another uprising on the 7th to ruin the 21st anniversary day celebration. It seems that the Spiders still have not caught on to the internet security threats we pose since they never have had such ornery stubborn resistance to their takeover, nor can they cope with that. But the risk is that their counter-reprisal could be quite severe. Are we ready for that?’

         “Well I am an old man, tired of fighting them but why not go out with a bang?”

         They prepared to “celebrate” the 21st anniversary with a general strike of human workers throughout the galaxy, and humans have spread out across the galaxy as they were well known for being good workers but a bit stubborn and hard to deal with at times. The takeover was taking much longer than the plans predicted.

         And on earth, they would stage an uprising, assassinating the leading spiders, other races, especially the hated rat henchmen, and the equally hated human agents of the spiders, most of whom were ex-cons the spiders had promoted during the revolution. They played a key role in the continued crackdown on dissent, particularly on religion which the spiders had outlawed.

         Six months after the revolution, it was clear that the Spiders were there to stay, and tolerated no dissent as they were kindred spirits to the Nazis of Germany in many respects. Yet somehow people still managed to organize dissident cells, but Jake knew it was almost a lost cause.

         On absorption day the uprising occurred and caught the spiders by surprise. revolutionary street gangs executed thousands of spiders and their allies. Most humans looked the other way, fearing the triads as much as the Spiders. The Spiders had thought that they had wiped the resistance out – that is what their intel agents all claimed and what their AI advisors had predicted. The triad celebrated in their still secret headquarters located in a cave city underneath Death Valley.

         The brazen attack led to a similar uprising across the Empire. The emperor was overthrown, and no one knew what to expect except perhaps they would live to fight another day. In the meantime, their criminal profits continued to grow as corruption continued to weaken the empire, all part of their master plan.

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