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A view from a window
The view from my window is stark – void of life and light. The odd stray breeze wafting through rustles only dust and stale air. Color has ceased to paint the world – the last shard of the rose-tinted pane having fallen with the whispers of the snake roaming the Eden of my mind. With the speed of dew collecting then falling from the last blade of grass, my eyes close. The silver-tongued asp fills my thoughts, overwhelming me.

Discordant and defiant music filters softly through the recesses of my mind, building in strength with each progressive chord. The snake recoils, hushing its incessant whispers from the father of lies – lies that tell me I cannot; I will not; I should not. As the serpent slithers away in retreat from the misery the melody causes, harmonies grow more insistent and the cadence reaches my heart – stabilizing its beat.

With each desolate breath, the tempo of the song lifts the crushing blanket of icy defeat a fraction. A wisp of warmth strokes my face, fluttering over me, offering a hint of... something. The thrum of the music builds, filling my mind with a long missing sensation of inspiration. A crescendo begins, growing and expanding, giving foundation to the remains of my heart fire.

A thunderous crash startles me, causing me to inhale sharply. Dusty ozone fills my nose before a soft rivulet of moisture trickles down my face to splash on the windowsill. The tempo of the now lilting melody softens while still building in strength and defiance. A gentle chorus reaches my heart, murmuring I can do; I will be; I absolutely should. It’s so quiet that I have to strain to hear it but the more I listen the more powerfully my heart beats in time.

The splashes on the windowsill become a powerful shower as I take another deep breath. The water lightens the blanket of defeat as though it’s melting away. As the snake retreats deeper into the darkest recesses of my mind, power, resilience, and rebellion rise, filling my heart and mind with it’s incredible melody. I can do! I will be! I absolutely should!

I open my eyes and gasp at the brilliance. I brush the moisture from my cheeks as I marvel at the wonder before me. A glorious riot of blossoms wave in the warm breeze dancing through the garden. Sunlight kisses each petal and leaf with love and joy and dries the windowsill. Heartened, I breathe deeply once more, soaring with the music rushing through my mind and heart.

The view from my window is a magnificent cacophony of hope.

word count: 436
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