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Ups and downs define the current day - terrorism is close if not already here - a poem.
Coughing up a decent landing,
Strident furor quite demanding;
Heaven sent Him to forgive us;
Godly worship, such a plus. 

Wall Street magnates, full of money,
Bone-in chicken, so-so funny.
Protests primed to make a difference.
Yes, for truth, it’s quite a reference…

Life’s so treasured, wanton aims.
Let’s not murder, play these games.
Greatest shame to steal with purpose;
Have a blue state, red state curse us!

Law enforcement prides itself -
Puts that violence on a shelf;
Politics should not describe
Every payment - nation’s bribe.

Legal purpose, strategy -
Such rejected majesty;
Gasoline, electric motors,
Save our Earth, elected donors…

Let’s build bigger, half as treasured.
That’s how bigger blights are measured;
Warring sides shall lay in wait;
Super-max devours his weight.

Coldest mobs shall seal the deal -
Some will say how it’s not real -
Locked and loaded, fools’ unleaded.
Planet’s focus simply shredded!

An opioid and fake drug crisis,
Homelessness and gaining Isis;
Super struggles - midterms down,
Now revolving, round and round!

Messed up crises, purged with slewin’ -
Trains derailing - dropped off, brewin’…
Communities still faced with terror;
Open centers, whopping error…

Let’s help Biden, Trump decide
Who shall feat the same divide;
Away we go, the fates are dealt…
Console your family, streams are felt.

Security does emphasize;
The structure’s soul should empathize…
Just throw it in, the fight seems over.
The white towel’s waved, a four-tier rover…

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