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by BMF
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Writer’s cramp poem
This world is beginning to crumble
It’s our ignorance that has led to this trouble
Media in part has led to this stumble
Electronics and technology has caused it to double

Sitting alone under a tree
Places like this allow me to flee
Exiting my thoughts, is society
Now only nature of life, I see
There are no voices to disagree

All that surrounds me is all that is real
Maple leaves above me rattle the wind
Our bodies are natural and made to feel
Not in a cubicle left to descend
Going in circles stuck to the wheel
Society’s tread stops our transcend
The time of your life is what they will steal

Together is strength but also reliance
Relinquishing one’s self to follow the herd
Entering this path of total compliance
Every thought will become blurred
Saving yourself will be defiance

If only I could stay under this tree
Separated from our fictitious world for eternity

Nature is cycles that do not judge
Even towards progress the rules preserve
Viewing from here above the sludge
Each of us must choose which to serve
Reaching a place in which you won’t budge

Wandering the paths within my thought
As a cool breeze cuts the air
Soon I must leave this spot
To return to society’s chaotic snare
Emptiness will once again be life’s plot
Destroying my desire to care

To stay beneath these leaves that shield me
Is the place I wish to continually be
My mind’s eye is free to see
Everything make sense under this tree
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