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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2294693
Flash fiction
"We don't have time for this." Jane white-knuckled on the steering wheel and pressed her foot down harder on the accelerator.

"Hey, if the kid's gotta pee, she's gotta pee." Basildon looked over his shoulder and smiled at the two young children. "And I can use a drink." He went back to cleaning his gun.

"We have to be in Vienna by midnight to meet the courier. That's another two hundred Kilometres."

"We can take a short break. Have you checked the fuel gauge lately?"

Jane glanced at the flashing fuel light. "Okay. I fill up while you take the kid to the bathroom. Mine's a coke by the way."

A few Kilometres further and Jane swung the car into the rest stop and screeched to a halt. "Go, go, go."

Basildon jumped out and slipped his gun into his belt. He grabbed Sara and rushed her to the bathroom. Jane pumped fuel into the car then stood drumming on the roof. Basildon reappeared with an armful of shopping and a toddler running behind. He strapped her in, then handed her a hotdog. Baby Saul was asleep in his car seat.

"Really?" Jane had the engine running before he was even in the vehicle. They tore out onto the road. A bottle of coke landed in her lap.

Through a mouthful of hotdog Basildon asked "What agent in their right mind brings their kids along on a mission anyway?"

"I couldn't get a sitter, okay."

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