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political pixie dust for writer's cramp
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Joesph Smith was a political operative
Who had discovered a secret fragrance
That would turn people into virtual slaves

Following the leader around
Doing whatever he or she said

Driving people mad with desire
To please the
the wearer of the fragrance

The problem was that
It only worked
If you got within ten feet
Of the wearer

But once you inhaled it
You were hooked
Enslaved to your master’s will

He tried it out
In the 2024 elections
Taking a political backbencher
Turning him into a contender

He was known
To be an enthusiastic
Rally goer

Always getting close
And personal

But power corrupts
His secrets were revealed
His candidate arrested

His company
Going under

But others
Knew the secrets
And chemical fragrance wars
continued underground.

Two entries today, but only one fully satisfied the prompt. As for that winner ... well, they say the pun is the lowest form of humor. Xolo, I can't get over it.


Being a stereotypically oblivious male, I don't notice dirt, believe there are only about 7 or 8 actual colors, didn't realize that was a new dress you're wearing, and so on. Yet even I have heard about the perfume "Chanel #5" - released on May 5th, 1921. I learned, looking this up, that it's named after its inventor, Coco Chanel. Which makes me think the perfume ought to be chocolate scented. Unfortunately, it's not.

For tomorrow, write a story or poem about someone wearing a perfume that has an unusual effect on those who smell it. Perhaps it causes uncontrolled cravings for sushi? Or makes them unable to see the color blue? Or become convinced that they're the rightful ruler of Myanmar?

Just pick some odd effect, splash that WDC #5 on your protagonist, and see what happens!

Due May 5th, 2023 before noon, WdC time. === ( Deadline: 17 hours 13 seconds ) 
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