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My LOTR romance fanfiction. Glorfindel x female OC. Hurt/comfort. Slow build. Happy ending
"I came to apologize."

Mila blinked. Then a smile of disbelief ran across her face as she looked at the elf with red hair.

"How does that feel coming out of your mouth, Lady Erussiel?" Mila teased.

"Like vinegar," scowled Erussiel. It was obvious that her pride was hurting. Her annoyed expression didn't last long, though. "I know I was being mean to you months ago, but I didn't realize you were stupid enough to try to fetch that book and fell into the ice."

Mila shrugged. "The falling into the ice part was strictly my bad. I was just clumsy."

There was silence between them as they sat under the stars at the garden of Rivendell.

"I should've come to you sooner, but I was ashamed. I really hope you can forgive me," she added.

Now that Mila looked at Erussiel, her expression truly held remorse. Sad, even.

"I forgive you," Mila said with a smile, offering her hand for a handshake. Erussiel looked somewhat bashful when she took her hand and smiled back.

"Thank you."



"Do you still love Glorfindel?" Mila asked.

Erussiel snorted. "I've never loved him."

Mila looked at her again, in disbelief. "Then what's that drama all for?"

"I was jealous. Do you know that elves that don't get married at the right age is bound to have strange fate?" asked Erussiel. "My parents are demanding. They want me to get married because my clock is ticking and that I have to marry someone that fits their criteria."

Mila couldn't believe her ears. "I can't believe elves have that kind of problems! I thought it is a human thing."

"Well, I have admit your kind's clock ticks a lot faster."

"Wow," Mila said, chuckling in amusement.


"It's okay. It's the truth. Is that why you chased after Glorfindel?"

"Yes. Anyone good looking, good reputation, rich, noble-" Erussiel shrugged, "He fits the bill."

"He's more than good looking," Mila chirped, remembering her day with Glorfindel at the outskirts of the village a month ago. She remember his beauty that was well balanced with his masculinity. The way his handsome face light up when he smiled. The way his tunic accentuate the muscles on his strong arms and chest. The way he shortcircuit her brain with his lips. Mila shook herself.

"You know, he's in love with someone, but he choose not to do anything with it. What if he's in love with you?" blurted Mila, which was responded with a snort.

"He avoided me and dodged my every advances. No. He's probably in love with you."

"Shut up."

Both female chuckled. Not long, another silence filled them, although this time, a rather comfortable one. Erussiel, though sly and at times selfish, didn't realize that she was actually lonely.

So much, that she chose to open up to the human woman she once resented.

"You probably have heard of my reputation by now," she said with a wistful, bitter smile. "The fox of Rivendell, is what the ellyn that I have approached called me."

"That doesn't sit right with me," frowned Mila, noting the sadness in the beautiful elleth's eyes.

"My parents are politically ruthless. I am thought to be the same. So then I think to myself, why not, let's give them what they want."

"It's never too late to change," Mila said, "If you're worried about marriage, you shouldn't. I mean you're gorgeous," Mila pointed out matter of factly, making Erussiel smiled, "You know, you can use some of that slickness to wow your soulmate when you find him."

"Will I, though?"

"No doubt," Mila affirmed. "Red heads always have the advantages."

Mila's words made Erussiel giggle.

"Thank you," the elf chuckled, a little surprised that her once enemy now sat here with her, comforting her. "For real this time."

"Don't mention it," smiled Mila.


Variel, despite her growing friendship with Mila, was first Glorfindel's soldier and spy. She reported everything that she saw, including that night when Mila and Erussiel reconciled.

Glorfindel had a small smile on his face. "So she was protecting Erussiel."

Protecting the mean elleth that had wronged her. Mila really is something, thought Glorfindel.

"Yes. But Erussiel never intended her harm. I could tell her remorse was sincere."

"Erussiel might be sly, but I don't believe myself that she is truly bad." The balrog slayer nodded, deciding inwardly to forgive Erussiel. He changed the topic. "Does Mila still spend time in the library?"

"No. She's too busy preparing for her future business with you."

Glorfindel was pleased to hear it. "Thank you, Variel, for seeing this task through. I am relieved now that we know all the facts. Though I know your task ended here, may I ask you for another favor? This time, as a friend."

"That depends," Variel smirked.

"I am leaving to investigate the situation in the Fangorn Forest. There are reports of forces of darkness escalating, way sooner than we anticipated. I hope you can consider keeping an eye on Mila while I'm away."

"Fangorn?" The read head said with surprise, "You could be away for many moons. Besides, I thought Erestor is the one appointed to go."

"I asked to go in his stead."


Glorfindel couldn't say that his feelings for Mila had began to bother him. Ever since that day at the outskirts of the village; ever since that kiss on the cheek-he needed to get away, to hope to erode his feelings, or else he would fall too far in love with her.

Variel, being more perceptive than most elves, drew her own conclusion from her captain's silence. "Mila."

Glorfindel's lips turned up in defeat. "I can't hide anything from your watchful eyes, can I?"

"What's wrong with you?" Variel said unhappily, "Just tell her how you feel. That girl-I think she might love you too."

"After I tell her, what do I do?"

Variel shrugged, "Claim her?" she said with a devious smile.

"It is impossible for me to do that. Even if you are right, and that we have a future together, it will be nothing but a short lived bliss because then, if sickness doesn't claim her, old age will."

Variel never really comprehended why Glorfindel denied his love for the one he truly loved. But now-seeing the grieving eyes on his impassive expression-she understood.

"Arwen and Aragorn made it work. They are happy now. Look, even in the midst of trouble in our land, the princess is too happy in Gondor to even pay us a visit," murmured Variel, trying to light up her friend and captain's mood.

The balrog slayer smiled. "My heart is not as strong as hers, I'm afraid. I cannot bear to take another loss," Glorfindel said with an impassive face, as if he was talking about battle strategy. But Variel knew better. "It will be the last straw. As much as it embarrassed me to say this, mellon nin, I am..." he paused, looking down to his desk for a bit before returning his gaze at his friend, "...I am old, and tired."

There was deep sympathy on Variel's face. She find herself at loss, not knowing how to console her friend.

"So, would you do me the favor, and looked after her while I'm gone?" asked Glorfindel again, "I know how much you enjoy patrolling the border-"

"I enjoy her friendship as well," cut Vari, smiling comfortingly at her captain, "I will keep an eye on her for you."

Glorfindel smiled gratefully at her. "I am in your debt, mellon nin."


Six months had passed since Glorfindel left for Fangorn Forest. Mila did everything to distract herself from the thought of the elf with the hair of gold-planning her business, creating standard operating procedure, equipment lists, studying the map of Rivendell to plan for distribution paths, prospective clients, ingredients sources and many more. It was a big enough project to distract her.

She no longer want to spy on Glorfindel. If he loved someone else, she didn't want to have a part in it anymore. Of course she didn't blatantly said the fact to the twins, other than they were busted. Still, that didn't stop the twins from moving to their Phase Two of the plan-move her closer to Glorfindel's chamber, as soon as there was an opening for them to do so.

So here she was, settling into a bigger, more lavish room that seemed so empty compared to her old room. And next to her room, was Glorfindel's now vacant chamber.

A reminder of his absence.

If there was any benefit from moving there, it was the balcony. She didn't have that in her old room. She came out to her small balcony at the back with the view of magnificent waterfall, and the magical night sky above as far as the eyes could see stretched out before her.

Look, Mila. The star is shining for you.

Mila didn't remember when Glorfindel said that to her, but everytime she looked up at the star, that was shining brighter than the other stars above her head, she would always remember Varda. She would remember that perfect peace when she was with her at the infinite night sky, a place where time and wear doesn't exist.

Mila went back inside and changed into her new white sleeping gown; a gift from Variel. The elven made silk that made up the fabric was soft and incredibly well crafted, as well as very comfortable and pleasantly cool to her skin. She then took a seat at the desk in her room where all her business planning was, scattered on the surface.

She sighed in tiredness. She used to enjoy this project, but now, when Glorfindel was not around, the plan on her desk only served as another reminder of him.

Mila knew she shouldn't, but she missed the elf terribly. So bad, that even her food didn't taste as good anymore.

Not feeling like working, she opened her drawer, finding two storybooks. One, the book she intended to give to Glorfindel, but kept on forgetting to do.

Again, Glorfindel's gentle eyes flashed in her mind.

The other one-a book from Variel's recommendation. The History of Beren and Luthien, that she had left gathering dust in her room for months.

She wondered, since she borrowed the book away from the library for so long-was that considered theft? Maybe it was for the best that she enjoy the book quickly before someone looks for it.

By the second night reading the book, Mila realized that the history of Beren and Luthien was akin to Romeo and Juliet, but with magic and better plot twist in it.

Thingol, Luthien's father, haughtily refused to give Lúthien's hand in marriage, for Beren was but a man, and his daughter was an elven princess. He said that he would allow the marriage only if Beren brought back a Silmaril, a magical stone, from the Iron Crown of Morgoth. The task was intended to be impossible, but Beren and Lúthien braved many perils and acquired the Silmaril, only later for the jewel to be eaten by a beast named Carcharoth, who also swallowed Beren's hand that was holding the Silmaril in the process.

Mila laughed at the last part to herself. She too ate something inedible in the past-a star. She somehow relate to Carcharoth. Though at least, she didn't have to eat other human's limb.

Beren survived, then hunted the beast to get the Silmaril back. While the quest was accomplished, in the process Beren still got mortally wounded and eventually died. Due to her deep love for Beren, Luthien, the elleth, faded away and died with him.

See, Romeo and Juliet.

This stone, the Silmaril, was later taken by Eärendil, the husband of the lovers' granddaughter, to the Valar in the West as a token of repentance. The Valar then set the Silmaril in the sky and called it The Star of Eärendil-

Wait a minute.

Mila closed her book and walked out to the balcony, gazing up at what was supposedly her star-or maybe it was just Varda in the distance, vibin'.

Now that she thought about it, was it possible that the star was actually a Silmaril, the one that she once held in her palm when she was nothing but dead? The Valar in the Beren and Luthien's story-was that Varda?

Mila's curiosity got the best of her.

She quickly changed her clothes and skipped out of her room with a candle in her hand and walked briskly towards the library in the middle of the night.

Silmaril, Silmaril, Silmaril, she chanted as she looked for any scroll or documents that might contain the information about them. She knew she did come across a reading about it, but never actually delved deep into the topic during her previous research, before she got all her attention full with planning her business.

When she gathered all the documents with the title containing the word Silmaril, she realized she won't be able to sleep tonight, for the documents formed quite a huge pile on the table.

Fëanor created three Silmarils in the Years of the Trees during the Noontide of Valinor. The jewels contained some of the light essence from the Two Trees of Valinor, the light which power began the creation and preserved it. While it was said that no violence within the kingdom of Arda could mar or harm the Silmarils, they could still be destroyed by the Valar or anyone they deemed worthy, since it was implied that they would be the only ones having the ability to break them open to release the light within.

Recognizing the gems' immense beauty, they were hallowed by Varda, Queen of Arda, so that no hands unclean, or anything evil, could touch them. Varda placed one Silmaril that she received from Earendil on the sky, guarding it, where no unworthy hands could touch it.

The other two Silmarils was in Morgoth's possession, before they were stolen by Fëanor's two sons: Maedhros and Maglor. The jewels burned their hands, in refusal of their rights of possession, as they had burned Morgoth's hands many years before. In agony, Maedhros threw himself and his Silmaril into a fiery pit, and Maglor cast his into the sea. Thus, the Silmarils remained in all three realms of Arda - in the sky, beneath the earth, and within the sea-

Oh my god. The star of Earendil, and the Silmaril in the tale of Beren and Luthien was the same thing.

Mila found another scroll-a prophecy, saying that one day, a corrupt maia would steal one of the Silmaril, and the world shall be changed into darkness. To recover what was lost, the Valar will find a worthy soul to carry the star, and the star will forever follow the soul. When the time comes, the chosen soul will break the Silmaril open and the light of the Two Trees shall again fill Arda, ushering a new age of elves.

A corrupt maia? Sauron? A new age of elves?

Mila was silent, deep in thoughts.

For your selfless act once again, I grant you my star.

The hauntingly beautiful voice of Varda entered her memory. If what she gave her was a Silmaril...

Mila hurriedly tidied up the documents, anxiously wanting to observe the star from her room again, where the star could be seen the most. But as she made her way with determination, she stopped in her tracks upon seeing the sky. Her star, now was found on the other side of the House of Rivendell.

Mila was confused. She resided at the west wing of the house, where the star could be seen the brightest. The library was at the far east of the house, yet...

Mila's eyes widened, her jaw dropped when she realized that the star actually followed her.

But then she realized it might just be a matter of perspective. After all, her eyes could be deceiving her.

Unlike her earlier quick strides before, Mila began to walk back to her chamber slowly, her eyes squinted watchfully at the star.

Her star moved, but then again, so was the other stars.

Mila felt silly. Besides, if one was to look at her from the point of view of the star, Mila might as well be a dot that moved with the speed of a microscopic snail.

What if she travels a great distance in a short time?

Mila wasn't vain. She didn't truly believe that she was worthy enough to carry a star. But since that star was a Silmaril, and that it could have the means to save the waning of the Three Rings of Power, and the fact that she previously had something to do with the star-there was no harm to test her theory.

Mila turned back and began to jog towards the stables, which was undoubtedly empty by now save for the horses. This way, she could ride Bubbles again to see if the star follows her.

Bubbles stared at her with a scrutinizing look on his eyes, as if he she was a disturber of peace that ruined his sleep.

"Bub-Elfaron," Mila grinned at her furry friend. "I know it's late but I really need your help."

Bubbles only swished his tail, looking at her with a deadpan.

"I'll bring you lots of treats tomorrow," Mila added.

In no time, she and the black stallion burst out of the stables, and they ran into the night. Having the thrill of riding again, Mila felt the warm summer night wind on her face, blowing her hair back, and she let out a hearty 'wheeeee...!!!' to the air.

Riding an hour long, without stopping, she found herself near the border. Their wild ride slowed as the sound of the black horse' hooves tip tapped on the ground. They made their way up towards one of the hills that stood higher than the others.

The star was shining brightly-right on top of her head.

In disbelief and not a small amount of awe, Mila clamped her mouth as she looked up to the star.

So she was it. Varda chose her.

Mila grabbed Bubble's snout and kissed him soundly. "We found the way to save them, Bubbles," whispered Mila.

The horse looked at hear deadpanned, then huffed, as if telling her, 'Great, so how are you going to get up there and take it?'

Mila wasn't sure if Bubbles really thought that. But whatever it was-it was an important consideration:

How the hell was she supposed to get to that thing without the help of Elon Musk?


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