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Farewell to Virginia, a new adventure awaits.
From the rolling hills of Virginia,
To the flatlands of Oklahoma,
A journey awaits, a new chapter,
A life full of adventure and wonder.

The mountains and valleys of Virginia,
Will forever hold a place in my heart,
But the prairies and plains of Oklahoma,
Are now where my life will start.

The change is both daunting and exciting,
A new beginning, a fresh start,
A chance to explore new horizons,
And discover the unknown in my heart.

The people, the culture, the landscape,
All so different, yet all so beautiful,
A new world to discover and embrace,
A new life to live to the fullest.

I'll miss the familiar sights and sounds,
The comfort of the familiar and known,
But I'll embrace the new experiences,
And make Oklahoma my new home.

So I bid farewell to Virginia,
And welcome Oklahoma with open arms,
A new adventure, a new journey,
A new life full of endless charms.
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