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Rare Family Meal for writer's cramp
Rare Family Meal

Growing up
In Berkeley
My family seldom went out
For a meal together

My Father and Mother
Depression babies
Were extremely frugal
Not wanting
to waste money.

Once in a while
Though particularly
On our family road trips,

We would enjoy a meal together
One of our best meals ever
Was in an Italian restaurant

In the town of Medford, Oregon
On the way to Yakima, Washington
To go to our summer cabin
In the woods

A two-day road trip
From our family home
In Berkeley, California.

We ordered pasta pesto
Combo Pizza with all the meats
Lemon ice cream
And the first time
I ever cappuccino

They ran out
Of everything
Late at night
In a small town.

An hour later
It all came together
And was one
Of our best times

A rare event
For a dysfunctional family
On the road.

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This Task (E)
Searching for that needle in a haystack.
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New Prompt: Use in your poem or story - BOLD or colorize for tomorrow's judge:

An Italian restaurant
pasta pesto
lemon ice cream

Use food as your genre.

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