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by hamcon
Rated: E · Short Story · Tragedy · #2296487
A memoriam to all the dogs my family had and lost, miss you all.
I do not know how long it has been since you and your family, and my sisters went in that big truck and drove off, and the new family came in. But since that day I made sure to wait at the end of the driveway, come back to the house to eat, and then go back to waiting.

I see the bus come by, but not stop. I hear a car come in at night, but it is not you. But it is okay, I can wait, you always come back… but I have been cold, and the new family is worried, but it is fine, I just need to sleep and it will all be better tomorrow, then I can wait for you again.

“Hello,I am sorry for waking you,”

My ears perk up at a new voice, not of the new family. I open my eyes and see a man in a black hood, and was a skeleton.

“Hi there, is it morning?” I ask, I needed to go back to waiting.

“Yes it is, but I am afraid that you must come with me,” the man said, he sounded sad.

“But why? I need to wait for my family, they are going to come back I know it,”

“I am sorry, but they are not coming back,” the man sounded so sure, but I knew better than him.

“Of course they will, they always come back, they've just been very busy is all,” I stand on my legs, I felt very light, which is odd. The man looks sad and petted me behind the ears.

“I am sorry, but they are very far away, and you have passed, you can’t wait here anymore,”

“Oh! Then I can just wait for longer! It is okay, I now have all the time in the world!” I move away from the man and sit down at my usual spot.

“What is your name?” the man asked.


“Do you want company while you wait?”

“I would love that!” I replied eagerly, I hate being alone while I wait.

“Then Tobey, I think I know two who want to wait with you,”

I felt two bodies next to me, looking to my sides, I couldn’t help but wag my tail in excitement, it was my brothers, Willie and Harley.

“You are going to wait with me?” I asked, and Harly wagged his supply tail.

“Of course,”

“We are family Tobey,” Willie said. We laid down and waited.

No idea how long it has been when the skeleton man came back, saying that he brought someone back for us. And it turned out to be our sister, Skye, and wow did she have a crazy story to tell.

She talked about how they went to a place with a huge lake that she could not drink from as it all tasted odd, and that the hills were huge and full of weird animals, but she protected our family from it all.

She saw how much our family grew, but then one day. They took her to the vet as she was feeling very sick and weak. And that two of the family stayed with her as she fell asleep, next thing she knew was that she was visited by the man, and brought her here, to wait with us.

More time went on, and then our other sister came, Angel. I have never seen Skye so happy when she saw her. She explained that they moved back to the field, but this time to a very big place with lots of buildings. But she too got old and thus like Skye, was taken to the vet, and fell asleep. But now she is back and was happy to wait with us.

Finally, a small but fat dog came, none of us knew who he was, but he said his name was Buddha, and that the family got him after Angel went to sleep. But he became very sick one day and found himself with the man bringing him to us, wanting to wait. We all agreed and let him stay.

After that, no one else came, the strange man would come by to see how we are doing, but we would also tell him that we are good.

“What if they do not come back? Or forgot about you?” the man asked.

“They will come back, my sisters came back,”

“But what if they forgot you?”

“I am sure they never did,” I replied

“How are you sure?”

“I don't, I just know."
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