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Life is a precious gift, yet it's being disrespected. My personal opinion.
I live a modest life,
yet I can craft a fantasy.
Caught within perceptions embrace,
Turned from my mirror, facing reality.

I’ve opened my heart.
Encased many with my art, for free.
I’d rather be poor; I’d rather be homeless.
Than live a life born from lies.
Little lies, lead to more
Anyways you twist them
I’d rather simply continue to be me.

Father, up within heaven above
Why must they pretend?
Taking life as a game of chance.
Father, although I’ve won,
I’d rather not live behind a lie.

Father, oh (up on high above)
Why did you have to die?
You left us all behind,
but your still within our hearts.
The pain of your absence lingers,
I’d rather have you back, it’s the truth.

Sadly, your time had come.
God had need of you that day,
Even though you would have rather stayed.
I remember you today, just like yesterday.
You left without even saying goodbye.

Father, oh Father (look upon us)
I’ll make you proud.
Make the heavens cry your name.
I’ve been faithful, I’ve served silently.
As others ate from my table, for free… (for free)

I’d rather have love in my heart,
And focus on the now,
setting aside all the hate.
For life is a priceless gift,
Without compare. (Without compare)

I’m just a humble man, serving society.
For free, for free, nothings in it for me.
Living our lives in circles, has us doomed to fail… and fall.

I see hate for what it truly is, a ploy, a ploy,
A cover up of slavery. So a few can eat for free.
In perpetuity?
In perpetuity?
In perpetuity?

Spoken at the end:
“Humanity must realize that freedom is a human right.”
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