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A girl with a crush, she moved away then back.
When I was in second grade, I had a crush on Jayden Coleman. He was also my best friend. I was the new kid in class, but everyone was so nice that I made tons of friends on day one. I remember being excited to get up and go to school so I could spend time with them, especially Jayden. Anyways, one day, at lunch, I was walking with my friend Emily. We played truth or dare. I picked dare. Emily told me, "I dare you to go and play football with those guys, but you can't stop until you score a goal!" I thought that dare was pretty dumb, but I did it anyways. I remember me walking up to the boys-Jayden and I asked if I could play. They laughed but placed me in a team.

The games starts and well, it was honestly my first-time playing football. I was all wide eyed and excited, adrenaline rushing through me. I ran to wherever the ball had gone and needless to say, it was exhausting.

Then, the goalie started talking to me and somehow, I got hit by a ball. All I can remember is I fell to the ground, everything hurts, I saw people crowding around me. Jayden too. Then everything went black. I woke up at the nurse, it was already the end of break and class had started for 20 minutes already. What happened? Why am I here? Then, I saw him. Jayden was with me all this time; I wonder if he's the one who got me here.

He looked at me, our eyes meet and he smiled, "You feeling better?" he said.

After that year ended, I transferred to another school, I didn't have a phone back then, so I lost all contact with my friends. Years later, when I got to seventh grade, I transferred back.

I was hoping Jayden's still there and that I would be lucky enough to be put in his class. And guess what, he is still there and I was definitely lucky enough.

He didn't really change at all, still handsome, tall, and very fit. We talked, but we didn't talk much. A year later, we are still in the same class, but it was better. Not only are we in the same class, we were also in the same group! I get to come to school every day and sit with him.

So obviously, we talked more. We laughed together more. We got more in sync with each other, and eventually we were able to finish each other's sentence.

On photo day, we had to dress up in our formal uniform. I got to class and saw Jayden struggling with his tie. It was funny seeing the smartest person I know struggling, but I offered to help anyways.

I tied his tie.

Our faces were soo close to each other's I could feel his breath on my skin. It made my heart skip a beat. My fingertips brush on his face a few times, accidentally, we looked away, I looked back. He was blushing and so was I.

It was that day when I knew for sure, I love him, I always had. I fell in love with him the day we meet in class, I fell in love with him the moment I woke up and saw him waiting there. I fell in love with him the moment our eyes meet five years after we parted, I fell in love with him every time he talks to me.

Nothing really happened between us and yet, I feel like everything had happened.

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