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What are your thoughts about loneliness?

Pickle asked me about loneliness. Her questions were: Think of "loneliness" - if it were a color, what color would it be? How would it taste and what would the texture be? Does it have a sound? Does it move or is it stationary?

I think loneliness is the pink in a summer sunset that fades to dusk before twilight comes. It's terribly beautiful and poignant. Loneliness is seductive. It tastes of couverture chocolates, the type that is thick with cocoa butter, meant for melting; the type that can withstand the heat of the oven; the type meant for dipping. Loneliness is smooth and buttery and silent. It moves, it fills pools, bathtubs, and wells. It can cover one's eyes and ears and fill the back of one's throat and move like lava into one's lungs. Sometimes, I think that loneliness begins as the fancy chocolate covering a juicy strawberry. That's when we think we want it. That's when we fall for its enticement.

How would you describe it?
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