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23 just seems to be appearing everywhere doesn't it.
The 23 Enigma

I'll share with you a mystery
About the number twenty 23
You go through life without a care
But magically its always there!

If you feel this is something new
Then let's go through a quick review
The site you're on as you've been told
Why yes... its 23 years old!

But more than that.... proceed with fear
View today's date and check the year
Oh no you think... how can that be?
That number ends in 23!

In fact take numbers that you see
You'll find they lead to 23
You safe with 6... well think again
Repeat the 6... 2/3 of 10!

Or look at 8, perhaps you heard
A power play... 2 to the 3rd
Or go with 5 and see what comes...
What 2 prime numbers make that sum?

In a quick run through history
Look up the Mayan Prophecy
Perhaps it seems a little late
But the world ends on one such date!

In science all I have to say.
It's written in our DNA
From each our parents comes a twist
Our chromosome count makes this list!

And still if there remains some doubt...
Theology will point it out
"The Lord's my Shepard"... most recall
Under which Psalm does that phrase fall?

32 Lines - What happens when you reverse those digits? *Wink*

Note: This was written for "The Writer's Cramp

The prompt was to write a poem or story involving the "23 Enigma" — essentially, a belief that the number has some sort of magical or mystical significance and/or power, because of all the instances in which it occurs.

Word Count: 264 words
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