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Poem about a road trip
It's starts with a destination
that's more of a suggestion than a goal.
A dart board target that you wish to try and behold.
It can be an old beat up, ratted out beater of a car.
As long as it will get you there, it will do just fine.
The plan is more notion than defined
And it's subjected to detours and quick stops
with each flashy sign.
Joking. Laughter. Easy smiles,
captured with a few snapshots between all the miles.
Junk food and music, we sing along
as we cruise down forgotten highways to our favorite songs.
It's not the sites we've seen, or the stale air
inside the cabin of that beat up Bel-air.
It's not the photographs sent and shared,
the hearts and notes from friends and family
as we get there.
It's not the junk food or the weird pit stops on the way
It's the memories made, that make it worth
spending a day or two out with you
on a road trip.

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