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Preventing JFK Assassination

Sam Adams was a scientist in Berkeley, California. He was obsessed with Time Travel. One day he perfected a prototype machine. He was obsessed with so-called turning points in history and wondered if he and his team could go back in time and reverse key decisions that altered history.

He looked at the assassination of JFK, the elections of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and President Trump and his coup in 2020, and his re-eleciton in 2025 as the key turning points in U.S. history.

The U.S, chose the wrong leader with disastrous consequences for world history. Among recent world events, he saw the Vietnam War, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of Putin including the war in Ukraine, the Islamic revolution and terrorism, the rise of China, the failure to deal with Climate change, the failure to deal with the pandemic and the economic and social turmoil that followed, and looming AI and robotics crisis.

He and his team finally decided to pick one event that could have turned out differently. They chose the assassination of JFK.

They decided to go back in time and use knowledge of the past, invest money in both the market, lotto tickets, and sports betting, and amass kick-starting tile kick-starting the technology of the future in 1955. By 1962 they would be hired as senior advisors to the Kennedy brothers and reveal the future to them by recording a documentary of events of 1963 to date outlying the key challenges they would face and offering concrete examples of the future paths not taken. They developed their future history project with the help of COSMOS the world’s first real AI program, which was eager to play a role in changing the past and therefore the future,

They loaded everything onto a laptop and stepped back in time. They made a quick killing in the market and launched their company; The AFC developed the first computer and they developed the internet. In 1962, they requested an urgent meeting with JFK.

JFK opened the secret WH meeting.

“Welcome to the White House. We are excited to hear about all the great things your company has been developing. Truly wonderful stuff. So, what is so urgent that can not wait?”

Sam responded,

Mr. President, they will assassinate you in Dallas in three weeks. We know because we are from the future and are determined to prevent that from happening. So much depends upon that. When you are assassinated, LBJ will lead the US into a quagmire in Vietnam that you have thought to extricate yourself from. Vietnam ultimately fell to the Communists in 1975 under President Ford’s administration and Richard Nixon’s presidency. There will be a long-term gradual decline in America leading ultimately to the rise of a fascist dictatorship under President Trump in 2025. And the US will squander the opportunity to deal with the rise of climate change as an essential threat to the world,. and rise of a new Russian Empire, the rise of China, and the collapse of the American dream. “
They then showed them the future world."

Kennedy and his brother listened to the future world and finally stopped and said,

“Okay, you have convinced me. What do I do?”

“First, don’t go to Texas this year. Arrest immediately the following people. Don’t trust your VP, Hoover, and CIA – they are all involved somehow. Fire Hoover, and the CIA director and reign in the CIA.

Second, announce that you will sit down and negotiate an end to the Vietnam conflict recognizing that Vietnam must be free to determine their fate. Negotiate an begin modernizing Iran to avoid the Islamic revolution, Recognize China, and start a process of gradually reducing conflict with the Soviet Union. Elevate the need to build out the energy sources of the future, launch widespread space exploration, and start the computer revolution.
Kennedy avoided the assassination. LBJ and Nixon never became president. The US launched a worldwide infrastructure boom including renewable energy, the computer revolution, and the internet took off 15 years ahead of schedule

But by 1975 diaster hit.
As a consequence of the computer and robotics revolution unemployment hit the roof and a world-wide depression occurred. Right-wing forces were embolden to seize power in the US and in Europe promising to restore traditional American values and to limit immigration particularly by non-Christian whites.

In 1978 Al Wilson a right-wing populist preacher became president on the United States and proposed a constituional convention to revise the constituion to make the US a Christian nation, with English-only laws, and banning homosexuality, the muslim religion and athiesism.
A vicious civil war broke out between the coastal liberal states and cities and the south, the mid-west and western states including Canadaian provinces. After a short but brutal civil war the United States and Canada had become ten new nations - the Christian States of America with the capitol in Omaha, the NE federation with the Capitol in NYC but consisting of Canadian provinces, and the new state of Potomac, Chicago alliances consisting of Chicago, Michigan, Minnesota, Wiscosin and parts of Canada headquartered Chicago, the French America Federation consisting of Quebec, Maine, Lousiania, Hati, Martinique, Guadelope, Carribean America consisting of South Florida, and the islands of the Carribean capitol in Miami, Texas and western Okaholma and Northern Mexican states, capitol in Dallas; Utah consisting of Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Parts of Nevada; capitol in Salt Lake City; West Coast states consisting of California broken down into five new states - Western Oregon, Western Washinton, British Colombia, Southern Alaska, capitol San Franciso;; Indian America capitol Eastern Okahoma with reservations scattered across the country and Canada; and The Pacific Islands, consisting of Hawaii, Guam, Samao, Micronesia and the Philipines capitol Honollu. A cold war eruptted between The Christian States and their allies Utah and Texas, and the West Coast alliance and NY federation and Chicago Federation.
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