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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Horror/Scary · #2306786
Horror poems about man-eaters from the depths of the ocean
Out of the green deeps
Comes slimy piscine horror,
Seeking out human food
Bring the beach to terror.

Deafening silence reigning
Within the murky deeps,
Above are people swimming
While below them evil creeps.

Finny tentacles following
Looking just like seaweed,
Rapping around people's legs
Pulling them down to feed.

Innocent men, women, children
Above are splashing around,
Unaware that finny monsters
Are readying to pull them down.

Aquatic reptilian creatures
Throwbacks to olden times,
Draw to populated waterholes
Within these vacation climes.

Sharks and barracudas flee
Behemoths from the past,
Swimmers joyously splash
Unaware this day is their last.

Leviathans of the depths
Malignancies on the waves,
Reaching up to grab people
Dragging them to their graves.

Out of the green deeps
Rancid, greeny-brown beasts,
Pursuing unwary holidayers
Intent upon a human feast.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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