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Evil P.M. tried to create black rule in Australia; only 3.4% of Aussies are Aborigines
An evil black rain was falling
Down under within Australia,
Driven by Anthony Albanese
A man who cannot take failure.

He whines that we're all racists
Because we all dared to vote,
Not for Albanese's black reign
But to give all Australians hope.

Three-point four percent of folk
Wanted to rule a once great land,
But the people spoke out loudly
To keep democracy here at hand.

Albo's sulking like a baby now
Because he failed to get his way,
But despite his lies and intimidate
Righteousness still holds sway.

Instead of helping the homeless
Building them brand new homes,
He wasted tens of millions of bucks
Trying to bring this country doom.

"The worst prime minister ever!"
That's what most Australians say,
We're hoping that democracy's back
And Albo's black reign has passed away.

So cut the lies and insults Albo
And try, for once, to tell the truth,
And stop slandering decent Aussies
With any element of proof.

Albanese's gone to ground now
He's crying, hiding from the people,
They all stood up to be counted
Instead of just being Albo's sheeple.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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