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My market definition and narrative voice for Cold Magic, my 2023 NaNo novel
Market Definition
This is a novel in the fantasy genre. This will appeal, for the most part, to younger readers, but also to those who have loved fantasy for decades. For the most part, fantasy appeals to younger readers, however. It is not an epic fantasy which, I believe, does broaden the market a bit. With a female protagonist (although Ignatius and Aelar are involved as well), I believe the book will resonate more with young females. Although complete and obvious fiction, strong female protagonists often draw in young women who pull their own strength, in part, from strong characters that make them feel as though they, too, can take on the world.

Narrative voice
Icerna Frostbane is in danger, as are all mages in the kingdom. Lord Shadowbane has been rounding up those suspected to have magical powers. She and her co-hort Ignatius Flamethrower will lead the resistance in rising up against Shadowbane. They will be forced to determine who is friend and who is foe, and which are playing both sides. The losses they suffer will lead them to wonder whether it is worthwhile at all.
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