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Love for our children - strength and peace so rare - a poem.
A triumph for the ages,
Giving them great care.
Knowing we’re all sages;
Humble and so rare…
Victims of a world
Challenging their thought.
Speechless, as they twirled -
Souls were nicely caught.

Cameras have them launch…
Hypocrites who sponge -
Those theories very staunch,
Vapors to our grunge.
Highlighting the criticisms
Of the modern era.
Fully wrapped up, many schisms
Of the bold Sierra.

Let us seize these hammers,
Rifle through our notes -
Every youth who stammers
Has these antidotes…
Hopefully the architects
Of these new-found ditches
Are the lot who bails, detects
The end market that stitches.

All those veiled enmities
Make ideas splash,
While those greatest victories
Somehow earn them cash;
And the Earth appreciates
All the broken benefits
Of a truth which denigrates
How each person fits.

Their unintended rhetoric
And their dismal happenstance
Calibrate a heretic,
Loose, ignoble chance -
They publicize to extricate
That horrifying vacancy;
But all they do is confound hate
With unifying infancy…

Infrastructure doesn’t crumble
Amid a victim’s lung attacks -
For each and every vicious stumble,
Someone finally has our backs.
Go forth with a cynicism,
Be a lukewarm charity;
There’s an ugly terrorism;
Such a gruesome clarity.

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