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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2307629
Inspired by "The Duck Song" by Bryant Oden
One sunny afternoon, a duck walked up to a lemonade stand and asked the boy running it, "Got any bananas?"

The boy looked the duck in the eye and said, "No. I only have lemonade. Would you like some?"

"No thanks," said the duck. He waddled back to his lake.

The next day the duck came back to the lemonade stand and asked, "Got any bananas?"

The boy frowned. "No, I told you yesterday I only have lemonade. You should try it."

"No thanks," said the duck. He waddled back to the lake.

This same exchange happened every day for a week. Finally, the boy said, "If you ask me for bananas one more time I will sick my dog on you!"

The duck said nothing and waddled off.

The next day, the duck asked the boy, "Got any dogs?"

The boy replied, "No, my dog is at home."

"In that case," said the duck, "Got any bananas?"

The boy stared at the duck for a moment before bursting out in laughter. "C'mon, duck, let's go to the store. I'll buy you a banana."

The boy and the duck went to the store, where the boy bought a banana and fed it to the duck.

"Eeew, no thanks," said the duck. "Got any lemonade?"

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