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Many years after her nest had emptied...
The family had long grown and left her,
in a house too big for one
Once busy rooms held dimming memories,
of laughter, tears and fun.

On the kitchen table, the teacup cooled waiting,
at her elbow her phone was full.
She watched up the weed-ridden driveway,
perchance a visit or a call.

Ebbing time passed so slowly this way, unchecked
lonely she might forever be.
But thankfully an idea and a prayer were answered,
so that a change she’d see.

Soon backing down her driveway there came,
a truck, and her daughter’s smile
Collecting up her life possessions, the plan:
to live with her for a while.

While the new location wouldn't be familiar,
being close to family won.
She'd no longer reflect but make new memories, and
next summer: she’d visit her son!

Form: ABCB
20 lines
Wordcount: 134
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