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The world’s best armed forces against the purest evil - a tribute poem.
Constructed to do battle;
Ups and downs astray…
After that, skedaddle -
Red light, stop - let’s play.
Holding firm to family -
Our pure, decided trust;
These veterans see harmony,
Crimes are boom or bust.

Offense truly offset -
Timeless huts, indeed;
Latent battle’s mindset,
Bestie’s fashion bleed.
Loathe to yeast the bevel;
Bread is finally made…
Rising dough, a level -
Red to green, each raid.

Cordially sought dancing -
Voices neatly shared -
Forces strung out, prancing -
Fumes and riots spared.
Hell to pay for soldiers;
Evil’s vile games -
Humans seeking statures;
Existential flames!

Lordly types of innocence,
Zoned volition’s glee -
War’s deceitful violence -
Strewn with destiny!
Caught inside the crosshairs,
Deeds are stretched for miles;
Oceans strong, these vicious flares,
Reckless, endless trials.

On this day, we celebrate
Our freedom’s privileged roles.
Please no longer denigrate;
We all pay heightened tolls…
The blessings of those welcome tours
Are strength, rewards supreme;
Gaining honor, wisdom scores;
These fights beyond extreme.

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