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A treasured stand for values - an inspirational poem.
Advanced by the truest strides -
Our outstanding values…
No one’s conceivable future,
Voiced in visionary clarity,
Is fortuitously evoked
Less enthusiastically
Or endowed to grieve everlastingly constrained;
In our everyday presence,
This motivational gathering
Of unique individuals are the chosen souls 
Avowed to merit the contrition
Of these treasured morals.

The Constitution
Was drafted and approved
To attain the Stars and Stripes
Mellifluent call for freedom
From the unrighteous rule
Of a tyrannical specter…
This awesome document
Produces the volume
Of eventual wisdoms
Of our country’s practical founders…
And it features the noteworthy proclamations
Of a distinctive unity -
Setting in motion
The noble sacrifices
Made in selfless honor
Of this miraculous, thankful,
And successful nation…

The most excellent voices
Express a credible and advisory regard;
For our invincible solutions
Are predicated on the amazing readings
Of the vital and victorious work
Known as the constitution -
A writing of immense importance
And foundational judgement -
That history of worthy plans
Laid bare in its involved evolution…

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