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Life in a peaceful paradise.

It had taken God six days to create the world – from the mathematical perfection of a nautilus shell to the miracle of spontaneous breath, star-filled galactic extravagance, to a stick insect's suction cup feet. And it all worked together in perfect symphony.

Alas, on that sixth, he’d also made man…

Was it The Heavenly Father's error in judgment to tell the childlike Adam Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Or was he, like any good writer, initiating a conflict to add interest and drama, inciting need and a cause that would develop character and one day result in satisfaction?

It can be no surprise to any author, that the story in The Bible did not start until after the proverbial hit the fan.

Into this broken world, we were born and make our way as best as we know how. Daily, we are tested; life is not something you can survive alone.

We find allies, we group together, we hold ideals.
We exert, we force, we quest.
We love, we share joy, we laugh.
We argue, we cry, we fight.

This is the high-emotion life that we are blessed with.

But from ashes we have come and will again return. Peace in all its blandness shall indeed fall upon the world once more after the grand conclusion of the heavenly narrator's storyline: the apocalyptic eradication.

In the sequel, on the 8th day, peace shall again be regained

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