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Fear no question, nor any answer that could be found.

Death Land Close
by Keaton Foster

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A raven
A bird
Of yore
A message
Land close
Right here
Right now
Within reach
Not mine
Let me see
Deeper still
Let me peer
Into one’s eyes
Let me find
What most
Won’t seek
Pierce my heart
Enter this mind
Infect my life
With a truth
About an end
That I’ll face
One I’ll believe
Fate and faith
One and the same
God and the devil
Two of a kind
Friends, not mine
Death land close
Don’t fly away
Don’t soar anymore
Let me see
What will
And must be
I have no fear
I am not afraid
Two similar things
Not quite the same
At some point
One must accept
That which is
And has been
Not just a word
Not just an ideal
But for me
What is most real
Dark is the coat
Feathers like silk
Eyes like jewels
Blackened stones
A ghostly abode
Devoid of a soul
Within meaning
All purpose
The weight carried
Aloft, higher above
Is far greater still
Then any burden
We have come to feel
You are very real
And now I know
Why what is real
Feels most like home
I’m ready to go
To leave what is here
For what is not
Or won’t ever again be
Fear is what I have felt
And why I must ask this
What I wish to know
Land close
Within all reach
Within what is true
And how I have always felt
And what I want to feel
Nothing sounds empty
But everything known
To me now
Is colder still…

Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2008-2023

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