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A sweet, pure logic - helping the less fortunate and needy - a highly devout poem.
The humanity of ultimate credulity,
Of generosity and smiles,
Endlessly distributed
By God’s wondrous, devout army -

An enduring foundation is certain
To be copiously engendered;
Forever determined
To be granted and given
By their gleaned and sated bestowal…

The holy, blanketing arms
Of His beautiful worshippers
Provide great support for the needy,
Homeless, and hungry dwellers
Of our thankful communities.
These emphatic displays
Show the heart
Of those indebted
And inspiring volunteers
Toward their impressive
And deeply ailing compatriots -
Providing a wish of hope
In sweet cognizance
Of Our Savior’s altruistic and loving being…

Multiple ways to add happiness
And improved health
To these able and trusting folks -
A meaningful symbol of pride,
In the civic spirit and sense of valor
For aspiring youth and adults
In those committed agendas -
Showering the gift
Of adjudication
And religious clarity
To dolorous actors who are
In dire straits -
God’s spiritual aim evoked
By His reciprocal and glorious flock’s
Desirous repentance.

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