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old friends shocking confessions

Old Friends Shocking Confessions

Joe and Sam were two old friends
who had not seen each
since college forty years ago.

They finally met up
when Joe visited Sam.
Joe was living overseas
but was relocating to Southern Oregon.

And looked up Sam
who was living in a small
a rural town in Northern California.

They met for dinner
in a diner, near his house.

Joe asked Sam
how he was doing?

And Sam opened up.
Revealing that he was a huge fan
of the former president
who was anointed by God.

He voted for him
and was rooting
for a second term.

Joe was shocked
to hear this

and revealed
that one of the reasons
Joe was living overseas,

was because he had
some legal issues
relating to embellishment
that were now moot.

Because of the statute of limitations
and he was allowed to return
to the States.

They both vowed to keep in touch
which they both knew
was a polite lie.

And both left
wondering what had gone
wrong in their lives.

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, November 26, is National "Eat with a Friend" Day! Write a story or poem about someone having a meal with a friend, during which each of them says something shocking to the other.
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