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A poem to my friends on WdC
Of Friends and Keyboards on WdC

With friends on Writing.com, in joy, we soar and blend,
In virtual space, our spirits meet on words we so depend.
Together, crafting stories in both sorrow and delight,
Sculpting dreams into scenes in the soft glow of screen light.
In laughter and tears, our tales do ebb and flow,
A symphony of heartstrings as we let our true selves show.
The keystrokes echo hopes and aspirations we hold dear,
In every word and phrase, our futures drawing near.
Despite the miles that separate, a fellowship we find,
In the shared passion for prose, in the power of the mind.
Here's to the words unwritten, to the stories yet untold,
To the friends who gather on Writing.com, brave and bold.
In this digital haven, our hearts find common ground,
Forever in our shared love of words, a home is found.
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