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by Kallie
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Let the stars be the way that guides you home
The stars are colorful tonight
All cheery and light
Just like our thoughts
They only come out at night
We look up at the stars
some white some blue
Some look happy...some even amused
Then there are the stars that are darker, the ones not so bright
The ones left alone and who look like a fight
There are stargazers who look and then reach out to touch
They grab the ones they feel they would perpetually clutch
Then there are star-chasers who follow the ones grown dim
The stars that are gone until a new life begins
Those that follow the stars are led down a forgotten road
Left to wonder where must it go
The road leads to the stars so very near
We always knew they would be the ones that we hold dear
Those who reach the stars...the ones dimmer in tone
They'll be happy to know it at least feels like home
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