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A poem based on my spiritual experiences.
I am a High Priestess of Hecate. I am the necromancer who heals, the one who leads you to the other side through dreams. I am a guide to those who are lost, whether they choose to listen or not, I am both light and dark.

I am who see's the future, on numerous timelines, I am one of few who walks between this world and the next and above. It's written in the cards.

I am no longer afraid of my gifts, of my purpose. I am both protector and protected. I am a Princess of the darkness but also of the light. I am the balance. Just as she is.

You cannot hurt me because I am immortal, we are immortal. Eyes open, none unable to get past (spirit or human) all the curses turn to dust before they hit.

I am the one who can turn bones back to life. I am not afraid of falling I have already. I am not afraid of the past anymore because it no longer exists.

We have Ancestors older then you. We are powerful and soon we all will be awoken, those that truly are of both the shadow and the light.
The darkness is not wholy "evil" and the light is not wholy "good" they just are, as is nature.

It is all one, do not seek oneness, just seek to be better than you were before. Break generational trauma, heal past lives but never forget you are not perfect as that does not exist. We are always learning.
We are all just beings. Some are more ascended then others, but no more or less then others.
Trust in yourself, your guides and your own inner truth. It will never steer you wrong, only your doubt can.
Be more aligned and find your true path, as I have. It is a battle but nothing that is meant to be is ever easy.

See you on the other side...
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