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Freeform poetry: Ode to my mother
I wilt into the grains of sand.
Hugging my knees with my arms
and let out my cumbersome breath.

Alone and gazing at the ethereal ocean,
the peeping out of the rising sun, the delicate
laps of the waves that satiate my being.
My senses delight in the savory aroma of salt
and of the mysterious creatures covered by the ocean.

"Don't think."
Just bask in all the wellspring of glory and arise strong
to be an acrobat tumbling and jumping through the chaos of life.

The sun rises by leaps and bounds and my eyes are seared.
By beauty, by love, from the rise, from the falls, from the movements,
from the miniscule moments, from the reflections,
from the sweet hug of warmth.


The shimmering, yellow swallowtail butterfly flitting quickly towards me?

"Don't think."

I smirk as she comes closer.
"Stunning...utterly stunning"

As if she heard me, she circles over my head
like she's spinning a fine gold king's crown.
She dances and twirls with glee and I burst into
intoxicating bliss and serenity.
I chuckle and smile at her balletic antics.

I wait. I have for an enduring breadth of time.
She's viewed with only my mind now as I know she is behind me.
Flying into vision lazily she lights on the reddish-brown hairs on my forearm.
Looking at me with her lustrous onyx eyes.
Searching my soul.

Crying with undying love for this eloquent, tranquil, and doting celestial being.
Her vellum-like wings unfold and fold ever so slowly caressing my arm.
Ever, over and over.

The tears flow in waves crashing down my face as I feel my heart
wanting release from this body of mine.
She has penetrated my inner soul.

My mind and eyes are cloudy and blurred.
So many memories...
so many more we could have had.

Wrecked by my sobbing and I instinctively convulse.
She takes off into the soothing breeze,
circling in front of me and playfully flutters towards the foggy blue
wildflowers blooming on the golden dune afar.

"Don't leave me!" I whimper aloud.

Watching her go as she evaporates into the flowers
and then into the gleaming sunlight.

Hanging my wet face down to my chest and lament.
A memory is here now.
Nestled into my chest.

"I think I would just love to come back as a beautiful butterfly.."

Your wish came true.
And my love came back to me enduringly.

I look for you amongst the many now.
So very many...

Always pausing forthwith when I glimpse a butterfly.
Tenderly smile...
Wondering if just maybe...

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