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Just a story about thoughts of a friend
I’m at your place and we’re there alone, you decide to go in for a shower but changed in your room. I’m down stairs waiting but I got bored so I go up stairs and went to your room but you weren’t there, you were in the shower. So I went inside and sat on your bed. Sitting there I notice your clothes on the floor. Looking at them I decided to grab the underwear and I close the door but didn’t fully close it though. I went back to the bed and sat down and started sniffing the underwear, the smell of sweat and your juices were a strong smell and that made my dick start to move. As I continue to smell them I get harder and harder, so I decided to take my dick out to start stroking it up and down as I smell the underwear. You finally finish your shower and got out in just a towel as you go to your room you notice your door is ajar a bit but you don’t remember closing is at all so you walk over quietly to peek inside. To your amazement you see me sniffing your underwear and stroking my big hard cock. You continue watching and you could feel yourself getting wet from seeing it. So you decide you will walk in and be surprised by it. As you walked in you see me hide the panties under my ass and covered my dick with my shirt, but all you say is why are you in my room did you get bored of being downstairs? I replied back with well yes it got boring. You then decide you mays well have some fun too! So you then come close to me with still just a towel on and decide to straddle me while facing me and looking me in the eyes as you begin saying so does the underwear turn you on or does this turn you on more. Before I could reply you, you say wait I’m pretty sure this turns you on more cause I can feel you. I blush but can’t turn away. So as you are on top of me you start moving back and forth rubbing your pussy on my hard dick. But then you stop for a second to take your towel off and you start pulling my shirt up over my head and off. You then force me to take my pants and boxers off too. We are both completely in the nude. Then you push me onto my back and move up to my face and straddled to my mouth and get me to start licking and eating you. Holding my head with my hair pushing my more into your pussy and you are moaning loudly. While you were paying attention I moved my arm and brought my hand up and stuck two fingers in (the middle and index) and you shake as in a shock, but, you start enjoying me fingering you and eating you at the same time. I soon notice you are getting wetter and wetter. I start seeing you spasm not long after you start orgasming into my mouth and on my fingers. Your juices dripping down my face and on my fingers. You grab my hand and suck on my fingers and get your own juices in your mouth. You then get off of me and walk over to your closet and come back out with a rope. You tie my hands to the bed posts so I can’t leave or move. I start getting even harder being tied to the bed. You then grab my dick and start stroking it and spitting on it so it glides through both of your hands. You’re moving slowly up and down it but you can’t take it much longer and you put your head down and start sucking it like there’s no tomorrow. As you’re sucking it you’re circling your tongue on the top of the head in your mouth. You then feel my cock twitching so you start moving sucking on it faster and harder. Then it happens, a big load of cum bursts out and into your mouth. You can feel it dripping down your throat, warm and salty, you end up swallowing it cause another load fills your mouth. You finally finish swallowing both loads but you notice that I’m still hard. You get up and with out a thought you sit down right on top of it and start riding me in reverse cowgirl. I can feel your wetness and your tightness on my cock as you push down on to it forcefully. You feel the size of my cock as you push down stretching your pussy to fit it in, a little pain, but you soon start moaning going up and down it faster and harder each time. You start moaning and I start moaning, as in sync we both start cumming. Filling your tight wet pussy with cum. You get off of my cock and and move towards my face and make me clean out your pussy of my cum with my mouth and swallow it all till it’s all gone. You then get up and untie me. Tired we both just lay there cuddling and pass out in the nude.
The end
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