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by Naomi
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Why this song means a lot to me...

This song happened to be the favorite song of my three younger brothers when I was in my early teens. They always requested me to strum the guitar for them as an accompaniment. We usually did it after dinner on Saturdays where there's no school classes. I learned the song as well which was being popularized by a famous Filipino Ballader , Victor Wood.

I was in the city for my college education and I was staying with my aunt and my one elder sister. My two married older sisters were living nearby. Mama, visited us in the city, leaving Papa and my three younger brothers in the province. It was Decembe o5.
Mama told us that she stays for ten days, meaning until December 15 as she wanted to be in the province for Christmas.

I was missing Papa and my three younger brothers a lot. I wish to give them Christmas gifts but being a student my savings which I got from my daily allowance was not enough to buy gifts for all of them. It was a Sunday evening and I listened to the radio's Amateur Singing Contest.
The first prize winner won 5hundred pesos and a basket of groceries worth 5 hundred pesos too. If the challenger defeats the winner , she will
win again another 5 hundred pesos and another basket of groceries worth 5 hundred pesos too.

I told Mama and my sister
: " Tomorrow morning I will go to the radio station to audition. I wish to win those prizes so.Mama can bring home to the province as well as the Cash. It was a positive declaration.

So, that Sunday night, our Mama and my three older sisters were among the crowd Watching the Singing Contest where I joined.

The announcer asked me:
" You are very tall. Do you wish to be a singer or to be Miss Philippines? You look very beautiful with your long hair " she added.

I eagerly replied. "I wish to be a singer and I wish to win the first prize so I can have Christmas gifts for my Papa and my brothers in Cebu."

The Announcer said :
" Really...Good luck then ! "
I replied " Thank You With A Smile "

I sang with all my heart and soul with these Lyrics that I started with a refrain and it was the highest notes :


" So pray and believe Him
The Lord's Holy Name
Then we'll have Perfection Again..

In the beginning the LORD made the earth, the Heaven
, the hills and the sea
Then He created the moon and the stars, the land, the fruits and the trees.

He made all creatures to live
In this world
Creation was made to all men
Then as He rested the Lord
Sanctified the seventh day for a man.

More than the image of His
Men shall dominion over all
But because we are nothing
More than human
Sometimes we stumbled,
Sometimes we fall.

In the beginning
The Lord was so right
Perfection was made to all men

Then the Refrain ...
To the highest notes.

I received a standing ovation from the crowd sitting at the Auditorium where the Radio Station was in the First Floor of a University building.

True to my words of Affirmation, I won First Prize and defeated the Winner for three weeks. I was declared the new winner along with one thousand pesos and two baskets of Groceries.

It was my first Christmas away from Home and I cannot control my tears as Mama hugged me as I gave her the Cash Money and two baskets of Groceries.

I sent a Note to Papa and my siblings telling them that the song " Creation" makes me a winner in the Singing Contest and told them to enjoy Christmas and that they are always and forever in my heart and soul.

Actually I won seven more weeks with a total of 8 weeks undefeated and was qualified for the Grand Finals. Sad to Note that at the Grand Finals I was hospitalized for Pneumonia and was fighting for my life and made me unable to join it.
Well..there is always a good reason for Everything.

Thank You LORD for Everything.
Merry Christmas 2023


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