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A girl opens a door into another world, a world of magic that has been long forgotten.
✧The Beginning✧

Hi! My name is Ava and I'm 15, and I'd like to share a story with you. So one day, I was walking to my classroom, and on my way there I spotted a door. It had purple, pink, and blue swirls circling around it. I was confused so I tried investigating it from the outside, but I got no answers, I only got more questions like where does it lead, and what's in there. So after a few minutes of contemplating going in it, I decided to go in. As I opened the door I saw the swirls go into the door. When I walked in I saw what I could only describe as a magical paradise. It was nice and sunny with pixies or fairies or both flying all over the place, there were also unicorns, bunnies, pegasi, unikittys, unidogs, and other magical things. There was a sign that appeared on the door also, and it read "This is a magical place, if you happen to be human then, Welcome! Be careful and don't stay for too long or you will suffer from headaches, dizziness, or hallucinations. This place does not have many rules so Be Careful! And have fun!" "Noted," I whispered to myself.

As I fully go in I see a Unikitty. The unikitty introduced itself like this “Hi.. My name is Kitten.. What's your name?” The unikitty said nervously. She had a squeaky voice but not too squeaky it was just right to fit how she looked. Kitten was light purple with magical pink eyes and had a white heart on her ear. “ Hello Kitten, You look so cute, wait, why are you talking? What is this place?” I asked Kitten. “You are in a magical place called Magic Paradise. You are the first normal human to visit in one and a half million years. But I only know that because of my mom so she might be.. Lying.” Answered Kitten. “Why would your mom lie?” I asked Kitten. “Because she’s known for being a liar to everyone, even me, that's just her magic trait.” Answered Kitten.

“How is lying a magic trait?” I asked. “Before I can answer that, first, you need to know what a magic trait is. It’s like a character trait, but it can give you powers. So my magic trait is kindness and honesty, that makes it so that I’m the most trustworthy, and I can tell when someone is lying. Also, anyone I help heals physically, and sometimes mentally. So, I’m the special one in my family. Now that information is out of the way, lying is a magic trait because, it can make it so my mom can manipulate anyone who does not have the trait honesty to believe her. So, if you see my mom, ever, do not listen to anything she says about anything! She is also controlling but that's a different thing,” Answered Kitten. “Okay? I’ll keep that in mind,” I answered back. Kitten pauses and thinks, then gives a hop as she got an idea. "Let me show you around!" Kitten said after the long awkward pause. “Ok,” I answered. As I followed her away from the once door that had disappeared into a cloud of black smoke.

We went deeper into the area and through a magical forest with cherry trees, the leaves a soft healthy green. The sky was blue turning into a soft sunset as we went deeper into the forest. After we were at the end of the forest we went over a small grassy hill. Over the hill I saw a beautiful, peaceful, and cute looking town. There were fairies, pixies, unicorns, unikittys, unidogs, unibunnys, Ext. Kitten took me to a small house that was cat sized, she told me to come in but I knew I could not fit, I was just simply too big. After a bit Kitten gave me a potion. The potion was pink with beautiful mixes of colored glitter in it. Kitten gave it to me and told me to drink it, and I remembered her telling me one of her magic traits was kindness, and another one was honesty. So I trusted her and drank it. After a few seconds I felt weird and in a puff of smoke I was her size. I looked down at where my white shoes should have been and instead of my shoes I saw cat paws, they were purple with one of them being white. I jumped and asked Kitten what was going on. She answered with, “I gave you a potion to turn you into a magical unikitty so that you can come in. Also, no worries about my mom, she is at work, I think.” “Ok” I said calmly, giving a small nod.
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