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My thoughts on the subject . . .


Many people will soon be celebrating the birth of Jesus, even the singing of the song in the prompt is a celebration of sorts.

         Who was Jesus? In his own words, he identifies himself as the son of God . . . He is the firstborn┬╣ son of God, the only begotten son. Are we to believe the doctrines of those who twist and turn the words of the Bible to suit their own beliefs, or are we to believe the words of the son of God?

         God himself, further identifies Jesus as his son, when he is being baptized by John the Baptist. Are the two most holy beings to ever exist liars, or are the doctrines of imperfect mankind deceiving the world?

          Jesus did not claim to be God when he was on earth, he did just the opposite, stating that his father was greater than himself. Many people saw Jesus in the time he was here on earth, but as it states in the Bible, no one has ever seen God. As for myself, I will believe God.

         In summary, the statements of God and his son, Jesus are clear and to the point. Imperfect interpretations of other statements contained in the Bible can not alter these basic truths. It is not possible for mere humans to alter the words of God. God is not a liar when he bears witness that Jesus is his only begotten son.


┬╣Firstborn has one meaning, the one born first. Plain and simple. There are places and descriptions of events in the Bible where the firstborn has proven unworthy and God has granted that person's rights and status to another person. These actions of God do not alter the fact of the order of one's birth. The one born first remains the one born first, regardless of losing their status. Statements in the Bible dealing with people other than Jesus do not have any bearing on Jesus being the son of God.
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