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An Interview with the Soon-to-be Author, Catrine Dewdrop, so everyone meet them.
Interviewer(My awesome friend, the wonderful thing I have in my head that is called my Brain): Hello, Ms...

Catrine Dewdrop: Hello, my insufferable and yet stuck to me friend. You certainly to have to know my name, or so I would hope...when you have lived inside me, making it an insufferable place to be! She sighs softly, before regaining her composure, showing her brain had been causing stress and mayhem...Anyway, it's Catrine...since I hide my entire life by using my name as wonderful front.

Interviewer: Oh, such a wonderful speech, dearest. Anyway, I know you weren't planning this but since nothing ever happens to work out in your favor whether you plan to do such an action or not as I've been made aware. I was planning to start off with such a simple Interview and discuss things in categories, such as starting with the lighter questions surrounding public knowledge, writing, and hobbies...only to move onto the ones that give a glimpse of your personality.

Catrine: Of course, you would...well, lucky for me. Thanks to this fact that I already know the questions a bit! Well, let's see...I think the first question is; What is my favorite Genre? Well, see...I love to write anything I can and I do mean anything. Currently, I have been making my small own character to place in one of my journals and have her explore the world of one fandom I really like since it is what I have considering my own Happy Place without owning it so I can keep calm without having a mental breakdown and as such I manage to keep being creative but also get to be happy. With such events, it currently means my preferred Genres are Romance, Realistic, Teen, Fantasy, and well...whatever I am interested in at the moment.
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