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There's a mutiny afoot.
Sunrise, sailor’s warning
Aorta said one morning,
“I don't love you anymore.”
Her tone sharp, then flat
A trained acrobat
There’s someone else she beats for.

Captain steered as pipes sung
A chant from the Lungs,
“Freedom now; we will prevail!”
Seasick, shell-shocked, shut in
Locked, this cage of ribs
Try to fly with empty sails.

"I wish I was blind,"
First-mate Right Eye lied,
"I've seen too much, what's left?"
Future fading, cloudy past
The world blinks too fast
I don’t want to know what's next.

Unseen, a serpent slithered
Below deck, a hiss from Liver,
“I suffer while you savor…”
She’s softly spitting bile
Paradise tastes vile
She'll soon return the favor.

The bowels thundered
Appendix wondered,
"Please tell me who I am?"
Am I wrong or right?
Purpose out of sight
Spilling secrets, bursting dam.

As evening light wore thin
So sweetly whispered Skin,
“I invited in my friend.”
He plays a strange game
A house with roof in flames
His every need, she'll tend.

Captain Hale, ill-fated
Sly Brain calculated,
“Logically, I should be king!”
Lightening feet, hot head
“Bow for me,” he said
Or else he won’t do anything.

Crew led by the blind
They chorused combined,
“Kidney, join our jubilee!”
The timbers shivered
The whole ship in slivers
Successful mutiny.

line count: 48
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