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A witch sees the creation and upbringing of one of the greatest wizards in history.
                   The Witch's          Request          
          "On the most bitterly frigid days of this season, and during a blizzard, Chrein had to go start birthing her young'un. I can tolerate walking through snow, but this cold is eating down beyond my bones, downright to my soul, and worse, my joints." Grotica mumbled as she slowly trudged toward the Chrein cottage. It was over one league more, and Grotica had already been walking approximately four candle marks, though she did not know precisely as her lantern gutted out a while back.
         After what felt like an eternity, the cottage could be seen across a frozen pond. Instead of taking the extra time, Grotica decided to walk over the frozen pond. When she was over halfway across, she heard the loud puffing of a large running animal. As she turned, she saw a great Red Tundra Bear within ten yards and closing fast. Acting instinctively, she reached into the herb pouch, grabbed a small handful of crushed and powdered herbs, and flung it toward the Red Bear, chanting a short verse. The outcome is immediate as the Red Bear runs through the cloud of herbs.
         The spell's result happened so quickly that, even though dead, the bear's momentum carried it another five yards, colliding with Grotica and knocking her down and underneath the sliding Red Bear, covering her with snow, ice, water, and the body of the dead bear. While attempting to stay above the freezing water, outer garments, supply satchel, and herb satchel weighed her down.
         Fighting the freezing water by trying to stay above the slush and snow, fatigue began to take its toll on her. She took control of her panicking thoughts and began to paddle toward the icy edge of the lake, breaking the ice as she swam. When by the edge, she painfully reached the top of the snow-covered slope and paused to regain her strength.
         "Curse you bear, and all your offspring: may their fur fall off, and teeth rot away."
         Knowing she needed to build a fyre to warm herself from freezing, Grotica crawled over to one of the Hemlock Fir trees and under the branches and twigs. She chose this particular tree because of its affinity with witches and freely offered warmth, shelter, and food. Looking through her water-logged satchel, she discovers what she is looking for: the flintstone and a stone with waxy blue coloration. After gathering brown fir needles, dead twigs, and small branches, Grotica dug a small pit into the earth and placed the firs and twigs within. She struck the flintstone against the blue stone and created a small fire. She immediately removed the wet clothes and put them on the low-hanging limbs above the fire.
         When satisfied with her garment's placement, she once again brought out the blue stone and, using the sharp edge, cut her left palm along the line closest to the thumb while softly chanting an archaic spell. \When her spell reached its crescendo, she held her bleeding hand over the fire and intoned, " I seek thee, Sazrarith Rurnoth, to obey my summons. My power over you cannot be ignored. Appear before me, Sazrarith Rurnoth, as I command you. Immediately, the fire exploded upward and nearly singed the tree's bottom branches.
         What appeared a moment later in a blue cloud of sulfur was a gigantic human-like being with two horns upon its head and teeth like the tusks of a wild boar. It carried a shiny trident the color of a moonless midnight.
"WHO DARES TO SUMMON . .Oh, it's you, Grotica. I thought I was summoned to another wanna-be sorcerer, been summoned to four within that number of days. Of course, they didn't do the summoning or the request as ascribed in the Death Wizard's Summoning Tome. They were delicious.
         "Hello, Sazri. Nice to see you've been busy. I hoped you would get that type of response when I placed those tomes near the faithless. I knew they would try to summon you. I wrote in the tomes that you granted great wealth to those who ask."
         So that is why I received those requests. I always get a laugh after I consume one of them. They had no idea who they summoned. He turned his attention back to Grotica. So, what do you need? A plague on a family or village, a town burned down while everyone is sleeping, or appear again as a Muse to the young writer in Stratford? I like that fellow. His reactions to seeing me are pretty hilarious.
         "Not this time, but later. I am needed to assist in a birthing beyond the pond. I am unable to make it and doubt I will survive the night. It would be best to go there before the child was born."
         Why? What is so special about this welp from a human? What is in it for me?
         "I like that about you, always to the point. Do you remember the servant girl you bed in her dreams, but truly happened? Well, as I knew she would, she became with child, your child. This child will grow into a mighty wizard, fit for a king who will establish the greatest-known kingdom in history."
          "The child, a boy, must then be raise as a Ward, with you being the boy's surrogate caregiver. You know how to fake the paperwork needed. You can use this cottage as your residence."
          You must have been working on this for many years. It sounds intriguing. I will teach him the ways of magic, and he will embrace it as you wish. One final question as I see the light in your eyes dim: what shall I name this boy?
          "You will name him Merlin."

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