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thinking about Christmas but outside the box a little
This is about the day I learned that we aren't alone and there's more to life than what is seen. The sky tonight was a dark velvet dark blue.The most beautiful sky you have ever seen and a beautiful white clean snow is on the ground and falling. The kind that is fresh and powdery that has not been touched by man or beast yet. There were lots and lots of twinkling stars out there that tonight.I was sitting out on my porch rocking in my rocker all bundled up with a hot cocoa in hand. I was just enjoying the night sky and my cocoa. When I heard a small sound like a tiny choir raising over the snow in the distance. I thought I was getting tired or something but no I heard it growing a little louder.

Next what I saw would have floored me if I wasn't sitting already.All the stars started to move just a little at first then a lot spelling out Merry Christmas is what they wrote. I looked closer rubbing my eyes and this little small star was moving very fast towards me. once it got closer I realized it was not a star but a little fairy.I Had never seen one up close or in real life for that matter. "Hello it says, and yeah you aren't alone here on earth we are real; blah,blah you get my drift." I was too shocked to speak really I was. "Well I can see we are dealing with another slow human which is why we don't try and talk to you all." I assured her that was not the case well for the most part.

She explained to me that she liked some of the activities surrounding our Christmas holiday.That the fairies had been watching men for at least 100 years so she knew there was some somewhat intelligent life among our kind.She explain that we seem to be confused about if and how we go about celebrating Christmas and many of our Holidays.I agreed and said "true we do a to each its own kinda thing."
She shook her head slowly and sadly.I wondered why she did this? She explained that all the fairies celebrated all their Holidays on one accord with one heart and mind. I thought that sounded really nice but knew that would never be for us humans here on earth most likely. Thankfully because I was all alone at the moment they decided to invite me to their celebration.It was beautiful they all only ate and decorated with what was in nature. they ate around on big rectangle table in the forest and every fairy was there ,the great and the small,the happy,sad or grumpy was there. No one was left out or left behind and there was much food and drink as long as the fruits,berries and nuts came from nature it was on the table. Prepared in many different ways and so many bright colors were the food and drinks.I was so overwhelmed by the togetherness,love and food.I was overwhelmed by the music that seem to come from every corner of the forest. It was so beautiful and loud but quiet all at the same time it was weird. The elder fairy explained most humans and their pets can't hear the music or see their realm,that it was like a realm within a realm. They also celebrate at night when a lot of humans and their pets are asleep it was told me by another elder fairy.

So the next time you celebrate Christmas remember that you just may not be celebrating alone. Also take a lesson from the fairies and try to include all not just some in your celebration if possible. Merry Christmas to all and to all a blessed night.

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