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God grants all our wishes through faith, prayer, and necessity - a heavenly poem.
Blessed by the birth of His Son,
And Our God’s forgiveness of decadence
Through Christ’s joyous resurrection,
We appear to arch our spines
In hearty resolution,
Swearing unparalleled allegiance
To His majestic task;
Above the seminal bridge
To His Everlasting Home,
We seek His mighty and unshakable providence,
And we pray for His superior and humbling mercy…

For we resemble His pleasing
And benevolent image,
That immense perfection and promise
Of an eternal and engrossing compassion…
And with the resplendent planet enjoining us,
We approach willingly and become indebted
To His wondrous and graceful caring…

For The Father’s Love endures
The uproarious feats of those evolving
And unpredictable actors
Who indulgently foster their ungrateful lives…

And His excellent clarity
And extraordinary volumes
Empower and invigorate us.

Leading us to our grandest solutions
And deepest desires;

Inspiring us to our most industrious plans
And individual yearnings!

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