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That’s her face, but not her name.
lisa luscious
a name to the face of woman
on a billboard before exit 10.
fake blonde hair
her vacant eyes stare
she smiled for the camera
like she’s supposed to.
she’s got daddy issues
and a string of one night stands
with men she barely knows
overdue rent
awful nights that never end.
in a dark room with muted lights
she dances for people looking for reprieve
dressed in bows and lace she puts on shows
for women and truckers and deviants.
she tells herself she’s okay
by four am she’s wasted
chasing the next bad choice
the disappearance of her existence.
she’s given herself away
to a world without respect
she’s in pieces
but she needs this.
one more night
just one more night
in this goddamn town
that calls her lisa luscious
it’s not her name
but it’s her name for now.
one more night
just one more night
in this fucking place
where her name is not her own.
underneath it all
she’s just a girl of 23 years
lost and alone
looking for a way out.
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