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A poem about a Smartwatch in trouble. A Writer's Cramp entry.
On silicone wrist, a champion once lay,
A smartwatch of grit, counting seconds all day.
Through marathons raced, with a swimmer's cool stroke,
It tracked every stride, every calorie broke.

But fate, like a rogue interval, intervened,
A puddle unplanned, a concrete unseen.
The screen, once a marvel, went dark and went blank,
Its circuits aflutter, its sensors all drank.

Heart rate flatlined, no pace to be found,
Just silence where seconds once proudly resound.
The straps, once like wings, now felt heavy and cold,
A trophy untarnished, a story untold.

But wait! From the depths, a flicker, a spark,
A pixel lit up in the digital dark.
The soul of the watch, though battered and bruised,
Refused to surrender, its spirit infused.

With each gentle nudge, a rhythm reborn,
The screen flickered bright, like a phoenix at morn.
Steps counted again, a distance regained,
The smartwatch defied, its purpose unchained.

Scratched and dented, a warrior reborn,
A testament to tech, through trials outworn.
For even in circuits, a spirit can dwell,
A smartwatch in trouble, refusing to fail.

So next time you stumble, your screen in despair,
Remember the watch, with its grit beyond compare.
For even in darkness, a champion can rise,
With every tick-tock, a new victory lies.

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