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For our daughter at ten years old who told us she wants to be a Lawyer...it works for her.
My first writing for the Year

Our Daughter , Atty. Cathy celebrated her Birthday yesterday and as we were having a family lunch party she pulled a piece of paper and read it allowed.

" This is a writing that Mama gave me when I was ten years old and just told her and Daddy I wanted to be a lawyer.
I read this and followed and it worked for me. I am going to make this into a wall frame and display it at my Law Office"

The teenagers wanted to have a copy of it as I was smiling .because I want these Young
People to be Successful too, like our daughter.

Here it is :

What You Need
To Do To Be Successful ?

A. Hard Work
Do not believe in luck.
Believe in hard work.

B. Patience
If you are losing the
Patience, then you are
Losing the battle.

C. Sacrifice
If you won't sacrifice, then
You become the sacrifice.

D. Consistency
This transforms average
into Excellence

E. Discipline
Motivation keeps you going
But, discipline keeps
You growing

F. Self - Confidence
Make it always a habit.

Do it Everyday without Fail.
Ask for the Most High's
Protection and Blessings

Have a Great Life
Everyone and believe
That Success Is For

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