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Flash Fiction Entry.
Diamonds, Pearls and Tea (300 words)

“Evening madam,” said Inspector Bin.

“Evening,” said the old lady. “Please come in. Nasty weather tonight.”

“Thanks, — ”

“Dotty,” said Dotty.

“Thanks, Dotty. I just have a few questions. Won’t take long.”

“Of course, of course. You’ve caught me in the middle of a tea party with the girls, I’m afraid.”

“Ah,” said Inspector Bin. “Evening ladies. Sorry to bother you all.”

He tipped his hat to them and was ushered into a pink frilly armchair.

“All it is,” he said, “I’m investigating a robbery.”

“Oooo,” said all ten ladies.

“Only, the suspects in question are a gang of — ”

“Tea?” said Dotty.

“What? Oh, yes, thank you. The suspects are a gang of blue — ”

“Biscuits?” said Dotty.

“Sorry? Oh, don’t mind if do, thanks. Where was I? Yes, this might sound strange, but the suspects are a gang of blue birds with yellow — ”


“Oh? Oh, go on then. Just one, thanks.” Inspector Bin took two pastries. “What I’m trying to say is … ” He was struggling now.

“Yes?” said Dotty.

“The prime suspects are a gang of ten blue birds with yellow beaks. Yes, yes, it sounds mad, but it’s true! They swooped into the jewellery shop — you know, the one by the bakers — and made off with all the diamonds and pearls.”

“Oh, dear,” said the ladies in chorus.

“Would you like some more tea?” said Dotty.

“No, no,” said Inspector Bin, through a mouthful of cake. “Gosh, is that the time? I must be off.” He jumped up and hurried to the door. “Be on the look out for ten blue birds with yellow beaks. Goodbye!”

After some time, one of the ladies said: “Is he gone?”

“Yes,” said Dotty.

“Caw, that was a close one!”

The ten old ladies pulled off their masks and shook out their feathers.

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