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Albert finds himself in the Twilight Zone.
The Mystery Container
WC 298

I feel the goose egg on the back of my head as I sit up. I don't remember getting hit, but man!

How did I get here? Where is here?

Last thing I remember, I was at Yogurtini with my cousin, Eddie; I think. I run my tongue over my lips. Yep, choca-mocha.

The room is pitch black and smells like a chicken coop.

I pull out my Bic, flick it, and explore my surroundings. There are no windows or doors.

How in the hell did I get in?

A container home? No, just an empty container. About 6 by 9. I feel like a large sardine...

“Knock! Knock!”

The metallic sound echoes in the steel coffin.

"May I come in?"

I don't recognize the female voice.

"Hello? May I come in?"

"I heard you the first time, Miss umm?"

"Molly Prinkert, Albert." Her voice is melodic, breathy. "I'm here for our blind date."

I must be in The Twilight Zone. "Our what?"

"Our date."

This is nuts. "I gave you this address?"

"Yes. The container at the corner of Arm and Hatchet. I hope you didn't forget."

Arm and Hatchet?

"'Course not," I say, playing along. "There's no door. If you can find a way in, go for it."

"How did you get in, Albert?"

I hear her tapping along the exterior walls.

"Long story, Molly." My head is throbbing. "Maybe if you can find a can opener. I can wait."

"Oh, okay. I'll go see," she says, as her high heels clickily-clacking fade into the distance.

I feel a blonde joke coming on and slump against the wall laughing like a drunken audience member at a comedy club.

I lick my lips. What was in that choca-mocha?

And where the hell is Eddie?
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