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Frequently Ask Questions for Dragon Vale
*Bullet* How to become a Dragon Tamer?
Answer: Simply purchase a Dragon Egg or two.

*Bullet* Can I gift Dragon Eggs to someone?
Answer: YES.

*Bullet* How many Dragon Eggs can I purchase and own?
Answer: You may purchase as many Dragon Eggs as you want. However, you can only own a maximum of four (4). That is, 1 from Common, 1 from Rare, 1 from Epic, and 1 from Legendary.

*Bullet* What are the benefits of having multiple dragons?
Answer: You will get the rewards associated with that particular Dragon. Because each Rarity has different rewards, you will get the chance of getting those.

*Bullet* What is Rarity?
Answer: Rarity determines the Dragon’s rareness. The higher the Rarity, the higher the rewards you’ll get. But it will cost more Gift Points. The current Dragon Rarities are: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

*Bullet* What is Element?
Answer: Element determines the Dragon’s nature/type and are categorized as the following:

                   Nature, Air, Water, and Fire

                   Light and Dark

                   Rainbow (Multi-colored)

                   Iridescent and Fairy

*Bullet* How many dragons can I own per Rarity?
Answer: ONLY ONE. If you happen to have two or more Dragons from the same Rarity, they will be merged and you have to decide which Element to keep.

*Bullet* What will I get after merging Dragons?
Answer: Every time you merge a dragon, your retained Dragon's max attribute limit will increase by 50 increment and will also gain 100 XP (for Common), 250 XP (for Rare), 500 XP (for Epic), and 1,000 XP (for Legendary).

*Bullet* What is Attribution and how does it works in this activity?
Answer: Attribution or Dragon Attributes are your Dragon’s Attack points, Defense Points, Health points, and Speed points. These are needed in the Battle Arena.

*Bullet* Does a Dragon come with attributes after purchasing?
Answer: YES. It comes with default attribute points (10 points on all attributes). However, you may opt to increase your Dragon’s potential by paying extra.

*Bullet* Say, I already had selected the default attributes (or below the max attribute points) and I decided to raise it after then, how will I do that?
Answer: Feel free to add a forum post stating your request to raise attributes. Dragons with maximum attributes can no longer be raised (max points can be raised only after Dragon merging). Every increment raised will cost you 5K Gift points. For instance, if your current attribute for Stamina is at 25 and you wish to raise it to 75 points, this will cost you 10K Gift Points. To see your Dragon's current attribution points, visit "Dragon Vale Hatchery and Dragon Den.

*Bullet* What does XP stands for?
Answer: Experience Points. XP is used as basis to advance your Dragon to the next level.

*Bullet* What will happen to fully-grown dragons that already garnered the highest possible rewards?
Answer: Your pet may continue to get XP infinitely. They won't die (I don't like that to happen here). And every time a certain XP (every 5000 XP added) is reached beyond the full-growth requirement gets you a Merit Badge of your own choosing.

*Bullet* If I have more than one dragons, how does XP allocation works?
Answer: All dragons you own will benefit from the XP you earned. For instance, you have 1 Nature Dragon, 1 Light Dragon and 1 Fairy Dragon. When you earned 100 XP from completing a task, all three get 100 XP each. However, allocation of XP will be done proactively. This means that a newly tamed dragon will get XP from your task completions starting from the day it was bought.

*Bullet* How long does the event run for?
Answer: I want this activity to be active over time. It's neither a monthly nor a yearly activity that has a specified end date. This is not a contest and participants have the liberty to complete the tasks at their preferred pace. The faster you complete your tasks, the faster you'll get rewarded.

*Bullet* When will this activity starts?
Answer: On the very first day of February 2024.

*Bullet* How to create a post after completing a certain task?
Sample Post:
         SUBJECT: 75XP
         MESSAGE BODY: Won on the January 26 round of "The Writer's Cramp - "*Pencil*WINNER and NEW PROMPT - Due Friday, Jan 26"  

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*Bullet* Do we have to fight our dragons? I don't like making animals fight, even in fiction, so could that part realistically be skipped if you want to fully grow your dragon? Or does fighting your dragon simply mean that you, the writer, has to compete with another writer in a writing/ W.Com task?
Answer: I am still working on the Dragon Arena. It will be a friendly battle (they won't die, only faint *Laugh*). It could be done through a Virtual dice roll. And yes, writing battle would be a great addition in the arena too. Keep posted for the opening of Dragon arena.
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